9 Tips for Birthday Slideshow Videos

Birthday slideshow videos are a fun way to liven up any birthday party and to make the recipient feel good. A birthday slideshow comprises several images spliced in an appropriate software program. We can show them on a computer or TV screen.

A bunch of people are sharing birthday slideshow videos on Facebook. Those photo compilation videos made around birthdays like wishing someone a birthday, or collection of birthday party photos, and so on, are classified under birthday slideshow videos.

It’s something that hasn’t faded away with time. And why should it? These birthday videos make birthdays come alive even after years and years.

Now, if you’re trying to create a birthday slideshow video, your first instinct is probably to write a heartfelt message saying Happy Birthday and throwing in a bunch of pictures of that individual.

But ask yourself, is that really enough?

Sure, pictures are nice, and when put together, they might also awe the birthday boy/girl, along with other viewers. But you can always create something better and more memorable.

Here are some wow-factor ideas to make your birthday slideshow videos interesting.

Create a Timeline Birthday Slideshow,

Uploading pictures of the individual from past till present in a chronological order can make all the difference between a mediocre birthday slideshow video and an amazing one. The age of the birthday person is quite irrelevant here.

The idea here is to use the oldest photo you can find of the individual and include photos from the year after that and so on until the present day to create a magnificent story.

Create a Birthday Slideshow About their Interest

The birthday person could be highly adventurous or might have massive interest in literature or some other art form. Highlighting those particular moments of the person’s life can also be a really emotional birthday gift.

You could search for photos of that person working or presenting their talent on stage. Basically, the idea here is to let the person know how much he/she has grown in that particular aspect of their life.

Introduce a Personal Touch

We all love reminiscing the past — the funny and good memories to be precise. That’s certainly an idea you can venture into while thinking of a video story for your friend.

If the person is your best friend or lover, you certainly have some inside jokes and stories you can share in your slideshow video.

Also, if you’re creating your birthday video for your lover, you can always add a little romance to it. You could gather pictures from your first dates to this day and map out how your relationship has grown over time.

We’ve taken into perspective that the birthday person might not be in the same location as you are while preparing a birthday slideshow video. One way to make the video special is by putting in a series of placards that read HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

You could contact different people in the person’s life and let them hold individual cards with different letters.


Accordingly. You can then upload these photos in a sequence onto the video maker to create a meaningful slideshow video.

To make it even more personal, you can record yourself or a group singing Happy Birthday. You can then use the recording as a voice-over track for your video.

Create a Birthday Video Involving Pets

Most people form an immense attachment with pets. If your birthday person feels the same, you have a whole alternative possibility in front of you.

Use photos involving pets from the past. Or, you could also put placards around the pet’s neck and take few pictures.

For instance, making their dog hold a placard that reads “Happy Birthday, I love Woof” is a classy idea to let the person know how much they mean to you, and the pet of course.

These are some ideas you can venture into if you’re looking to create a birthday slideshow video for your loved ones. However, there are plenty of other possibilities, and it all comes down to your imagination.

A single picture is worth a thousand words, so you don’t need telling how meaningful a slideshow video can be.

You have had Your Birthday Party, What now?

You probably have hundreds of unique pictures from the birthday party. Everyone will want to see them afterward.

One thing’s for certain, people would rather watch a 5-min video instead of going through 100 original pictures in an album. Put together the pictures and create a slideshow video.

You can then upload it on your Facebook profile or YouTube channel for the world (everyone interested) to watch and share them.

Compile all Bloopers into a Video at a party with a bunch of people, there are definitely going to be some crazy, funny moments. If you’re lucky, somebody’s probably taken some amazing snaps.

Bloopers compilation is another brilliant idea to relive your birthday memory through a slideshow video.


Birthday Video Featuring

One thing that doesn’t go amiss in any party is drunk people. There are always a bunch, especially if booze is free flowing. Also, there are going to be plenty of pictures featuring those alcoheroes which is perfect for you to feature in your birthday slideshow video.

You can even make up witty captions for individual pictures. Think of something that best represent the scene in the photo. Make it readable and memorable.

Highlight Love stories

Parties are full of couples, and there are definitely some new love birds in the air. You might need to plan beforehand for this one and take pictures of every couple you see in the party.

Putting together these photos in a slideshow video will be a mix of funny, sweet, and lovey-dovey incidents.

Where to create them?

There are many platforms (downloadable software and online applications) that allow you to create slideshow videos with few nothing but few clicks. To name a few, here are my top 5 picks.

Note: Remember, the whole point of clicking photos and turning them into a birthday video is having fun. Don’t force yourself to create something you do not enjoy.

If you think what you’ve created isn’t up to the mark with what you had in mind, go back to the top and start again.

I would love to know if this page was helpful to you! If you could just press that heart button, it would mean so much to me.

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