How to Create a Logo Animation Effect in After Effects

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How to Create a Logo Animation Effect in After Effects
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How to Create a Logo Animation Effect in After Effects

Animated logo intro are the powerful way to promote your business to an audience. They are very useful tool to catch an audience’s attention. Animations are the best way to express your idea in a better way. It helps you to express your idea in an interactive way. Using the logo animation you can easily explain your audience what your business is about. Using animations you can explain your logo in an effective way. Animated logos are the best way to impress your audience.

How to Create a Logo Animation Effect in After Effects

Burning logo animation effect without text download

There are many ways to create a logo animation effect. In this tutorial, we will be using the After Effects software. The process is simple: first, you will need to download the software. Next, you will need to create a new project and import your logo. After that, you will need to create a composition and add your logo. Finally, you will need to create a mask and animate it.

  1. How to drive a logo animation with a sound file

Step 2 is to add the sound file to the timeline. This will be the file that dictates the timing of the animation. If you have a voiceover or music track, you can use that file instead. You can also find free sound effects online. Once you have added the sound file, you can preview it in the media player to make sure that it’s the right one.

  1. How to use a preset After Effect logo template

There are many different types of preset templates that you can use to create a logo animation effect in After Effects. For this tutorial, we will be using the Burning Logo Animation Effect template. The first step is to open up the template and drag your logo onto the workspace. You can then resize and reposition the logo as needed. Once you’re satisfied with the placement, you can begin to edit the effect properties. In the Effects panel, you can adjust the color, intensity, and other properties of the effect. You can also add an audio track for further customization. When you’re done editing, you can render the project and export it as a video file.

  1. How to correct a mistake in a logo animation effect

So you’ve created your logo animation effect and you’re happy with the results. However, you make a mistake and need to correct it. No problem! In this final step, we’ll show you how to correct a mistake in your logo animation effect. First, open up your project in After Effects and select the layer that contains your text. With the text layer selected, press “T” to open up the text properties. In the text properties, you’ll see the “Position” and “Opacity” properties. To change the position of your text, simply type in the new coordinates in the “Position” property. To change the opacity of your text, simply type in the new opacity in the “Opacity” property.

  1. How to make a logo animation with a simple motion path

To animate your logo with a simple motion path, follow these simple steps: 1. Import your logo into After Effects and select it. 2. Click on the “Create” tab and choose “Motion Paths.” 3. Click on the “Create New Motion Path” button. 4. Choose “Rectangle” and drag the cursor over your logo. 5. Click on the “Animate” button and choose “Linear.” 6. Now, use the Properties panel to adjust the speed and duration of your animation. That’s it! You’ve now created a simple logo animation effect.


Create a logo animation effect with text in the fastest, easiest way possible. You can use this animated film strip template to make your own logo animation without text for free and fast, without any plugins!


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