How to make a Gaming intro in KineMaster step by step

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How to make a Gaming intro in KineMaster step by step
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How to make a Gaming intro in KineMaster

Hey guys welcome to Jakhro Editz. Today I’m going to make a gaming intro animation reveal step by step on KineMaster. And I’m giving you this Intro Editing Tutorial’s Footage.

Tutorial available

How to make a Gaming intro in KineMaster step by step

So let’s start:-

Step 01 starting Kinemaster app:-

After starting Kinemaster app create a new project and select 16:9 aspects ratio. And then click on next on right corner. And you automatically redirect to Media browser.

Then select background and choose black background PNG image

Step 02 choose your logo:-

Now pick your logo clicking on media, then set duration of your logo.

As background Png. Now pick a Intro Templates which I have given below

Step 03 pick Intro Template:-

After picking Intro Template set duration equal start to end. And click on Intro Template which you picked.

And then that Intro Template and you’ll see some effects your side then scroll down and click on blending and select screen and then go back.

Step 04 Some customisation:-

Now click on intro template and click left side. To bring to front your intro template. Which you selected

Step 04 Export Your Project:-

Click right corner and. Select your project revolution and export your project.

If you are making your own youtube, fb or other social media intro and you have no idea to how do make it , stay tuned to me, I.m going to show you the easiest way to make this type intro. and many more.

You don’t have to do such a hard work, all you have to do just watch the video tutorial. Follow the tutorial


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