Top 11 websites that pay $1 for every word in the article

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Top 11 websites that pay $1 for every word in the article

Envision composing an article containing 500 words, and you get compensated for each word.

You get $500 for the total article for example $ 1

For each word in the article. Along these lines, you can bring in cash.

Top 11 websites that pay $1 for every word in the article
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Here I’m giving data around 11 such sites.

Sites that pay $1 for each word in the article.

11 . Travel+leisure magazine

Travel+leisure acknowledges articles about voyaging and voyaging schooling or abroad training. they likewise acknowledge articles dependent on own insight.

In the article you are submitting, you should make reference to where to remain, how to remain, what to see, what to eat, and where to eat. The article ought to contain all the data about voyaging.

They pay $1 for each word in the article.

10 . The battle cry

This is a magazine by the Salvation Army that has been in distribution for more than 135 years.

They pay per word

  • $0.35 per word for unique substance
  • $0.15 for recently distributed substance

9 . AARP – American Association of Retired Persons

AARP is a charitable, fair association that enables individuals to pick how they live as they age.

  • They acknowledge articles on different subjects, for example,
  • Cash: ventures, investment funds, retirement, and work issues
  • Wellbeing and Fitness: tips, patterns, considers
  • Food and Nutrition: plans, accentuation on good dieting
  • Travel: tips and patterns on how and where to travel
  • Industrialism: reasonable data and counsel
  • General Interest: new reasoning, research, data on convenient themes, patterns
  • Connections: family matters, providing care, living game plans, grandparents
  • Individual Essay: smart, opportune, new takes on issue of significance to individuals more than 50
  • They pay $1 for each word.

8 . High nation News

  • High country news is an honor winning charitable month to month magazine.
  • High Country News zeros in its dissemination on the American West.
  • The rate is $.50 to $1.50 a word (which is noteworthy thinking about that they are a not-revenue driven association), with a cap on 2,400 words.

7 . Cricket magazine

  • Cricket magazine is a games magazine for youthful peruses.
  • They acknowledge articles about fiction and non – fiction.
  • They pay $0.25 for each word in the article.

5 . Ceramics month to month

They acknowledge articles on earthenware workmanship, fired craftsmanship, and verse making technpoetry-makingay $0.10 for each word in the article.


They pay $1.75 for each word.

They acknowledge articles on different subjects like Raising the Future, MomsRun the World, ParentingNews, outside exercises for Kids, KidCrafts.

4. Analog

  • This is a set up market for sci-fi stories.
  • Here is the compensation structure:
  • Short Fictions (up to 20,000 words): ¢8 to ¢10 per word
  • Serials (40,000-80,000 words): ¢6 per word
  • Reality Articles: ¢9 per word
  • Verse: $1 per line

3. Polygon

  • They pay $0.25 for each word in the article.
  • They acknowledge articles on different themes, for example,
  • Video contents or thoughts.
  • Scholastic papers.
  • Questions and answers interviews without a particular, newsworthy point as a top priority.
  • Spontaneous film, TV, or book surveys.
  • Antagonist takes that need convincing proof. (E.g., “really, what you like is terrible,” or “really, the awful thing is acceptable”)
  • Expositions about close to home encounters or reactions to media that don’t convey new bits of knowledge to a more extensive crowd.
  • Articles or reports focusing on a non-shopper or industry crowd.

2. Teaching resistance

  • This is a magazine outfitted towards instructors.
  • Their crowd is a public crowd of PreK-12 teachers intrigued.
  • They acknowledge articles about educating
  • They pay $1 for each word.
  • Sites that pay $1 for each word in the article.



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