Top 5 Tips For Finding The Best Topics For Your Blog

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Top 10 Tips For Successful Blogging With WordPress
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Top 5 Tips For Finding The Best Topics For Your Blog

Know thyself

The blog should be a reflection of your personality. Some studies state that readers tend to be drawn to blog topics that are very different from their personalities. You don’t want to be a very quiet blogger, and your readers would feel an aversion if they were not drawn to your subject matter. You would still be able to attract readers but be better off promoting content that is best shared with similar people.

You can incorporate some things you read and learn from others but never copy and paste it all on a blog because that will be dull as dirt. Instead, consider using that information to create content that adds value. Take the ideas of a book you read and even apply them to your blog or business.

Know the competition

I can’t tell you how many blogs have a sidebar filled with business tips, a section devoted to relevant trends, and often a list of related blogs that should be taken as inspiration. In other words, competing with many other blogs is a futile effort. Instead of trying to compete, you need to focus on the niche of your blog.

How do you find the best niche? It may take some research, but I believe you should use only two metrics: your current read level and reader engagement. For example, will you sit down and read through this week’s blog on health or beauty? Most likely, you’ll sit down and read through health and beauty. So you know the audience for your post will be very diverse.

Know your readers

At the very top of a blog post, you need to give the reader some attraction or hook to encourage them to check out your blog. A beautiful analogy is the “anchor” that lures the reader into a television program. The anchor is vital to getting the viewers’ attention and setting the tone for the rest of the program. If you create a page on your blog with a gorgeous header image but no relevant information, you will lose the interest of your visitors and have a worthless page to show for your efforts. It’s the same principle when making a post. You need to know what your readers are going to find most interesting.

So often, I see bloggers make the mistake of creating content geared to an external audience (bloggers and non-bloggers alike).

Know what you can offer

You may be tempted to expound on your own opinions, but that is a sure way to kill a great blog. You need to know about certain subjects before you can understand what your audience needs and wants.

Before you launch your blog, know your subject matter. This means you need to find books, websites, news articles, and other resources that you can use to understand your subject. But you must also be aware of what is popular on the web right now.

Never give up

Few things are more discouraging than working on your blog and seeing a competitor just getting better and better and more popular than you are.

That should not discourage you from making a blog. Just keep on going and get better at what you’re doing.

Know your blog’s mission

Why is your blog being made? Make sure that you know the purpose of your blog. When I started my blog, I couldn’t understand why I would ever want to make a blog. Little did I know that it would get so much better than what I imagined.


Do your research

Make sure that you do your homework when making your blog’s content. Be knowledgeable about what you are writing about, and see if there are any other content makers in your niche. See if there is a way for you to network with them. Learn what makes them tick, and use that to your advantage when you write for your blog.

Leverage the power of the internet. If you use a shared hosting service, you can upload your content for free. You can make and upload posts in bulk.

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